Doug Llewlyn , James Bond and Rambo producer interviewed Coach Caroline Doyle

Hi, I'm Caroline

Sales Mindset & Business Coach | International Speaker

Clients come to me for a lot of different reasons:

✔ Stuck, don't know how to grow the business

✔ Lack of vision, strategy, and expertise to grow and to make it happen

✔ Don't know how to reach multiple 6 or 7-Figure business

✔ Wrong mindset, systems, and tools to build the empire

✔ Business is not profitable enough

✔ Proper support group system

✔ Lack of motivation and big frustration

Caroline is a French Canadian, a Lawyer with an MBA, and a Financial Advisor. She has over 20+ years of extensive background in negotiation, business, sales leadership, and finance. She had 100+ employees under her. At the end of 2015, she moved to Alabama, USA. She became a financial advisor for the #1 Financial Firm in the USA and then, in less than 12 months became the first female partner in the South of the #1 Financial Firm after 172 years. In 2019, she received the prestigious award of Partner of the year. In 2020, she started her coaching firm and got qualified as Top 1% Coach around the world in less than 4 months in business.

She is a certified Mindset Coach with Bob Proctor and a certified Business Coach with Donald Miller. She is a Motivational & Event Speaker who got to speak to 430,000+ entrepreneurs. Her personality combined with her expertise will make you and your organization succeed in Sales & Business.

Caroline’s special, unique & intensive programs, speaking engagements, and goal achievement seminars have inspired & instructed people and businesses to reach their maximum potential and truly take massive quantum leaps. She has a proven track record to help you and your team achieve your goals.

Every great salesperson or company is looking for new ideas and strategies to help their team to increase their sales results and bring the business to the next level. Caroline's speaking and coaching will redefine your success!